National Tooth Fairy Day!

It's National Tooth Fairy Day! Come in this week and paint a cute box for the Tooth Fairy!

National Tell A Joke Day!!!!

It's National Tell a Joke Day!!!! Come tell us a funny joke and get 1/2 off your studio fee!!!!!

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!!!

The Art Cafe 'Rucks'!....Actually we ROCK!!!! It's National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!!! Make sure you eat lots and lots of cookies :)

National Girlfriends Day!

It's National Girlfriends Day! Did you know that The Art Cafe is a great place for ALL ages and events? Not only do we have pieces that are appropriate for everyone but we also serve beer, wine and food from Bomboras. Come and join us with your girlfriends today for a ladies day out!

Today is National Milk Chocolate Day!

Today is National Milk Chocolate Day! Who wants to come paint with us today and bring us chocolate? Or just paint with us ... Or just bring us chocolate...

Perfect Souvenirs!!

Come on in and paint the perfect souvenir to remind you of your FuN trip to Hilton Head!

Thomas Heyward

We were so thrilled to have the students from Thomas Heyward spend the morning painting with us!  They were full of smiles and did a Fantastic job!

Starry Night Picasso

Check out this amazing platter!!!! We sure do have some talented artists that paint with us!

It's HOT outside but COOL in The Art Cafe!

It's going to be a SCORCHER outside today! Lucky for you it is nice and cool inside The Art Cafe! Come beat the heat and join us for a cool and relaxing day.